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Seeing some talk go around about the similarity of gackt’s recent songs.(Day Breakers and Sakura Chiru being nearly identical) I’m actually happy people are talking about it at last, it’s really been bugging me but I’ve held my tongue up until now.

It’s very hard for me to talk…

 I think problem is that there are several different things mixed here. I see in the fandom at least 3 groups of people:

1. Those who take everything G does in positive way and want to see comments from people sharing their opinions, not the opposite ones. 

2. Those who take some  things G does in negative way and want to see comments from people sharing their  opinions, not the opposite ones.

3. Those who, regardless of their own opinion, are open to other points of view, who are willing to actually discuss and analyze things.

People from the first 2 groups usually don’t want an actual discussion as  calm and serious exchange of opinions. It’s more of emotional exchange between people who agree on the main point and just are talking about nuances. Any other opinion they’re taking as a personal attack - on their POV/feelings/whatever. They think another person wants to make them shut up or change their mind (sometimes it’s the case, I must say, but not always).

While group 1 is usually easy to identify, group 2 is quite tricky. These people may write a calm and thoughtful post, may even ask for a discussion about some aspect. But if a person actually tries to start a discussion by stating opposite POV, even if he does it properly in non-offensive way, reaction of topic-starter may be very emotional and negative.

Another tricky point is that the same fans sometimes can belong to several groups at the same time, depending on the subject. As much as I’d love to always belong to the group 3, emotions very often take over me and I end up in group 1 or 2.

Discussions are great, but yeah, it takes a lot of effort to get a proper one in the fandom, a place full of emotions and personal triggers. Maybe different tags actually may help in this case. 

Yeah people definitely rotate through the groups depending on the issue. I’ve seen people who tend to split it up into the “real fans” and “the fans who are always complaining”, but I don’t think that’s true. Yes, there’s usually someone complaining, but the people who think he should do less acting and more music are not necessarily the same people who are bothered by his ideas on gender roles, for example.

It’s kind of a vicious cycle too, the more defensive the fandom gets about non-positive opinions, the more frustrated and bitter those with those opinions get, which comes across in their posts, which gets read as “hate”, which makes the fandom more defensive, which makes the arguments quite nasty when they do come to a head.

But since “NOT IN THE TAG” seems to be a big thing, I think that putting discussions that have a critical element to them somewhere where people can choose to see them or not might take the pressure off. People who want nothing but pictures and news and squee can have that, and people who are feeling upset or frustrated can go somewhere where there is an understanding that that is a legitimate part of some people’s fan experience, even if not everyone on that tag will agree either.

Though since non-fans, ex-fans and casual fans will probably continue posting whatever their thoughts are in the #gackt tag, perhaps there should be an exclusively positive tag as well? Like #g-lovers?

The problem with tumblr is that as you two said there are many people with many different opinions depending on the issue , and I agree with the divisions made above. When it comes to discuss important matters people tend to get so emotional about how they feel and it always ends in a never ending quarrel.

Discussion is good and I really appreciate your effort to talk about serious matters because in this tag it’s a rare thing to see. Also, what I noticed is that you discuss it not blinded by your love for him trying to be as objective as possible. But after someone pulls the trigger there is someone else more emotional than others with people actually insulting each other and such, getting so defensive on the their ideas that the discussion becomes just a way to prove ‘I’m right. You are wrong’, and not a way to share opinions. 

That’s really an ugly thing to see and it’s really frustrating because most of the time it ends up that way.

Also, when it comes to rumors sometimes I see people bringing them up just to provoke a reaction and not only out of curiosity or because they want to know more.

On the other hand,for me rumors are only rumors and not discussing them doesn’t mean that I want to find an excuse to his behaviours no matter what, it’s just that until there are proves, or until there are no trustworthy sources it’s meaningless to give importance to them or the magazine who published the ‘news’.

If it is a way to talk about serious matters like sexism/rape/abuse then it’s fine, but I guess that the point is HOW we present and talk the issue.

(forgive my bad English, I’m not a native speaker and it always makes it difficult for to convey how I feel)

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