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TIME SPIRAL - NHK Blog (16.9.2014)


Hello, I’m ‘Time spiral’ producer.

It’s a little sudden but, here is in advance a scene from tonight’s episode!!

It’s a photo of the scene in which Shuya carries little Natsuki on his back after saving her from the kidnapping!

Full story in tonight’s broadcasting!!

Well, in last week’s episode, Natsuki remembered that Shuya is the spitting image of her first love who saved her from the kidnapping!

But, Kentaro heard over the phone that Natsuki was saying to Shunya ”All this time ,I wanted to see you” … .

What’s behind the kidnaping? What will become of the relationship between Natsuki and Kentaro?

Tonight a new key character makes his appearance too!

Tonight broadcasting, enjoy it please, from 11:15!!


GACKT - Album Rebirth - KALMIA

僕はただ歪んでゆく街を 遠くから眺めていた

I was just gazing from a distance at the distorting streets


No sound to be heard


Headless doll are laughing so much

宇宙へ還っていく *1

Returning to the sky 


Everything is returning to the sky


Even you, to the place you were born


crying and screaming


Your screaming voice in a flock of small birds…


Like in a entwined spiral


Everything is vanishing 


At the time when I caught the falling tears 


They run down my body until I heard them breaking 

カルミアの黄昏は 溶け合うほど熱くなって…

The Twilight of the Kalmia becomes so hot that it all blends together 

僕の笑い声は 喜劇のように…

My laughter seems to be a comedy…


The blink of dawn 


Is more gentle than anyone else


Disturbed in its sleep by tones of scattering glass


The cold moon cries out

最期の祈りは一雫の雨 *2

The last prayer, a single drop of rain

夜明けのさよならは 今の僕には哀しすぎて 

The farewell of the break of dawn is too sad for me right now

*1) Pronounced 空(Sky) but  written 宇宙 universe

*2) 最期:Same pronunciation of 最後 but literally translated as One’s last moment of life, one’s time of death

*This is what I do instead of studying for the upcoming exam or sleeping since it 2 o’clock over here (hysterical laughter) *


Yesterday,I organised a meal for GACKT who had just arrived in Hakata for tomorrow performance of Yoshitsune Hiden Ch 2 at the Fukuoka Sun Palace.

Since almost every member of the crew came, we held a little party.

At the end, I asked GACKT and he sang 2 songs for us.

Everyone went like Wooow, he really is the best!

At that time GACKT said

I’m a pro

The real thing (guess he means he takes his work as a singer seriously and working hard for it ) and everyone burst out laughing

As expected from GACKT!

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